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Your Source of Trampoline, Gymnastics, and Skateboard
Pit Foam in Mooresville, NC

Land in a skateboard and trampoline pit, jump, play, and tumble on the resilient pit foam blocks or gymnastics foam offered by Ritchie Foam and Mattress in Mooresville, NC. We provide foam rubber products of various sizes and colors for skateboard parks, gymnastics companies, and trampoline arenas.


Pit Foam Blocks For Skateboard Parks, Gymnastics Companies, and Trampoline Arenas

Give your gymnasts or skateboard athletes proper cushion for their landings with our foam cubes. Also great for trampoline pits, these cubes are great replacements for your old ones. Our foam blocks weigh 1.5 density 36 ILD and our charcoal blocks weigh 1.5 density 46 ILD. each, and you can order up to 1,000 of any size. We carry four, five, six, and eight-inch cubes that are colored charcoal, red, white, and blue. Our cubes have also been used by fire departments, the YMCA™, and various gymnastics facilities,trampoline and skateboard companies.

Foam Mats

Replace your old gym mat with our quality foam rubber mat. We carry 1.5 to 2.5 density 36 ILD to 46 ILD foam mats that come in one color. This is a heavy grade of foam that lasts longer than the traditional size. We also cut wedges for incline mats that come in the colors of red, white, and blue.

Foam Mattresses

Choose our comfortable foam mattresses that are great for RVs, campers, horse trailers, and the household. These foams are thick and made to last. They are 1.5 to 2.5 density 36 ILD to 46 ILD. and come in the color white. We also sell foam rubber slabs that are great to use as cushions for dining room chairs, ottomans, camper trailers, and boats. The foam is covered and protected from debris. We also carry elevation pillow bed wedges for people with acid refluxed, have been injured, or just want to watch TV in bed.

Foam Mat